James Webb Telescope ‘Deep Space Diary CPD’ & Book Giveaway!
May 17th 2022

James Webb Telescope ‘Deep Space Diary CPD’ & Book Giveaway!

To celebrate the launch and first discoveries of the James Webb Space Telescope, Discovery Diaries, STFC, and the Webb UK campaign are offering free resources to bring the excitement of space into primary classrooms.

This training will focus on arts-based STEM learning using the Deep Space Diary, a cross-curricular primary science resource for KS2 (or equivalent) linked to the Webb mission.

Following an exciting launch in December 2021, Webb has travelled a million miles from Earth and unfolded to the size of a tennis court to begin its work exploring the Universe. Its first discoveries of stars, galaxies and exoplanets are expected in Autumn 2022, making the resources highly topical for the 22/23 school year.

The Deep Space Diary is a flexible resource that can be used for an inspiring cross-curricular space-themed week of learning or embedded to teach a range of subjects. Pupils learn topics such as Solar System, light, coordinates, formal writing, D&T and coding, whilst enhancing researching and problem-solving skills.

The training will be suitable for those with no prior knowledge of the resource and will also provide a mission update for those who have attended previous training sessions.

Participating UK teachers can also register to receive a free class-set of 30 pupil books! Details about how to sign up for free books will be sent following registration.

Teachers can register for the training here, where they’ll find full info on the session and how to register for free books.

More: James Webb Telescope Public Engagement

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