Christmas Lecture: Mathematics – the Joy and the Magic!
November 30th 2022

Christmas Lecture: Mathematics – the Joy and the Magic!

Event Date: Tuesday 13th December

Free LivMS Christmas Lecture, suitable for Y11 – Y13, teachers, and the public.

“Christmas is the Season of Joy! In this year’s Christmas Lecture, we will be celebrating some of the most joyous and magical aspects of this wonderful subject. As the founder of Maths Week England, now the world’s largest national maths festival, teacher, author and professional magician Andrew Jeffrey will explore and share some of his favourite mathematical surprises and how mathematical secrets are behind some of the most baffling magic tricks. Appropriately enough for this, the season of giving, one member of the audience will be given a genuine chance to win over £1,000,000!”

Andrew claims no special talent, other than an insatiable curiosity about how and why things work, and how to be better than yesterday. He merely enjoys entertaining his audiences by combining his five senses to create the illusion of a sixth. No mathematical knowledge above GCSE level is expected or required to participate and enjoy the lecture.

For lecture registration and further details click here.

Tuesday 13th December, 2pm – 3pm,
Muspratt Lecture Theatre (Chadwick Building, University of Liverpool)

This lecture is face-to-face. Unfortunately, there will not be a livestream or a recording. Please order one ticket per person attending. 

University of Liverpool Mathematics Outreach
Andrew Jeffrey website

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