Projects: Global Entrepreneurship Week – CREST & STEM Learning
November 02nd 2022

Projects: Global Entrepreneurship Week – CREST & STEM Learning

Event Date: 14-20 November

Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week with a STEM session or Enterprise Day using inspirational resources from CREST & STEM Learning!

During #GEW2022, thousands of online events and competitions in 200 countries encourage millions to engage in entrepreneurial activity & it’s all happening NOW!

Below you can find activities & projects that will inspire your students to think about or create their own school business. Take a look, find out more about GEW2022 & get involved


CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. There are many ways to run CREST with your students and so many fantastic activities.

CREST Discovery Award – Sustainable Solutions (Ages 10-14)

Sustainable Solutions is a team-based activity day with the aim of encouraging each team to design and create a sustainable start-up business concept linked to their community.

Students will:
Explore the relationship between industrialisation and sustainability
Research sustainable business
Develop a concept for their own sustainable product or service

More CREST Projects for all ages:

Superstar (Primary)

Cheesy Challenge
Get Set Jelly
Recycle Reuse

Practical Action – Yummy Yoghurt Maker

Bronze Awards (Secondary)

Bath Bomb Challenge
Make a Wooden Pendant
Make your own Toothpaste
Home Entertainment Cabinet
What Makes Bread Rise? – Start a sandwich business with your best recipe!
Make your own Fizzy Drink

Silver Awards (Secondary)

Make & Test Ceramic Jewellery
Make your own Lipstick
Make your own Tea Bag
Design Your Own Disco Light – Party on!
How Steady is your Hand?
The Ultimate Pizza Box – Build a mini pizza business!

Gold Awards (Secondary)

Make a Skateboard
The Perfect Colour Lipstick
How Quick are Your Reactions? – Build a Game!
Make a Speaker System
Clean Growth
The Effect of Additives on Bread – Start a sandwich business with your best recipe!
Design the Ultimate Toothbrush


STEM Learning offer CPD, STEM ambassadors, ideas & an enormous library of resources and activities, click here for more.

STEM Fair – How to design a STEM Fair (includes ideas for games and activities).

Business Card Holder – How to engineer a business card holder for sale. This can be used for processes/ideas for other products.

Enterprise – This Nuffield Working with Science unit shows students how to plan, fund, carry out and complete their own enterprise to make money.

Setting Up
This activity helps learners begin to consider some issues involved in setting up their own business by making an initial outline and mathematical model of the costs involved.

Enterprise Trading Game
Video – BP Oil Trading Game

Encouraging Creativity & Business Acumen
CREST Awards help students to tackle science with an investigative approach. This case study describes how Graham School incorporated CREST awards into the Year 9 design technology provision.

Students designed new products and planned their business/marketing.

Enterprising Mathematics

Fishy Business
Design a sea-life attraction and consider build, budget, safety, service & costs.

Sandy Seeds
Aimed at primary level, this resource introduces ways in which local communities in Bangladesh successfully grow enough pumpkins for themselves and to sell to provide an income.
Your class could start their own seed sales…

Design a Keyring Smartphone Stand
This resource uses Fusion 360 to design and model a keyring stand for a smartphone. Students use simple sketching tools to either create their own design or use the sample tutorial provided.

Don’t forget, you can request a STEM ambassador to support your class or group!

As North West Regional CREST Support OrganisationAll About STEM promote CREST Awards across the region and point schools & clubs to the support they need to run this amazing scheme. CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

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