Resources: Celebrate Darwin Day 2023!
February 01st 2023

Resources: Celebrate Darwin Day 2023!

Celebrate International Darwin Day on the 12th of February with these inspiring resources for all ages.

“International Darwin Day will inspire people throughout the globe to reflect and act on the principles of intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, scientific thinking, and hunger for truth as embodied in Charles Darwin.”

Discover the official resources on offer from the International Darwin Day website, choose an introductory video, play a game and find fantastic CREST Awards projects to complete along with awesome STEM Learning activities.

Official Resources:

Charles Darwin & Evolution
Darwin’s Diary
Understanding Evolution
International Darwin Day website

Powerpoint & Google Slides:

Teacher Darwin Day Templates (Editable) – SlidesGo


Natural History Museum: Charles Darwin Exhibits
Game – Time Zone: Charles Darwin – Place important moments of Darwin’s life in order


CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. Many projects are suitable for school and home and there are lots of exciting Darwin related activities:

Star Awards (Ages 5-7)

Animal Adventure – Minibeasts & habitats
Discovery Bag – Trees, life support trees give & differences between trees
Plant Detectives – Where plants grow

Superstar – DNA / World Around Us Challenges Booklet (Ages 7-11)

Ancient Animals – thinking about animals that lived in the past
Contamination Detectives – thinking about how microbes spread
Fascinating Faces – how DNA can be used to investigate the past
Freckle Finders – how some people look alike and some don’t
Peas in a Pod – plant features influenced by genetics and the environment
Plant Parents – selective breeding and genetic engineering in farming

Superstar Challenges Booklet (Ages 7-11)

A Special New Tree – types of tree & their characteristics
Brilliant Birds – birds, habitats, designing & making
Bumblebee Mystery – all about pollinators & their habitats
Camouflaged Creatures – trees, their differences & the life they support
Disappearing Dinosaurs – debating the extinction of dinosaurs
Drifting Dandelions – looking at seed dispersion
Fossil Folly – thinking about fossils & dinosaurs
Goodbye Old Tree – trees & the different materials we get from them
Recycle Reuse – making paper and thinking about recycling paper
Tree Trouble – trees as habitats for other living things
Under Your Feet – mini-beasts and nature from a different perspective
Warm or Cold – discovering warm and cold-blooded creatures
Windy Ways – wind patterns and directions

Discovery Challenges (Ages 10-14)

Sustainable Solutions – use digital tools and technologies to tackle climate change.

Bronze Challenges (Age 11+)

Clean Growth
Plant Growth & Nutrients

AI Agriculture (Machine Learning)

Silver Challenges (Age 14+)

Hydrology – Plants & Water in a changing climate (solutions)
Plant Growth
Clean Growth
Climate Science Resource Pack

Gold Challenges (Age 16+)

Hydrology – Plants & Water in a changing climate (solutions)
Clean Growth

CREST Accredited Activities

ASE – Primary upd8
Bright Green Hydrogen – Clean or Dirty Energy, Exploring Hydropower
Plastic Oceans – Plastic Hero
Children Challenging Industry – Is there anyone out there?
MP Futures – A Pyramid Today
STEM Learning – Biomimicry, Polar Explorer


STEM Learning has CPD, ideas & an enormous library of resources and activities, click here to take a look!

Here are our favourite Darwin Day sessions:

NEW: STEM Learning – National Darwin Day Resource Collection

Wellcome Trust: Tree of Life (11-19) – Suitable for Home Learning
Darwin Classroom Presentation (11-14)
Darwin: Lookout Assemblies (KS1)
Darwin Discoveries: Assemblies (KS1)
Darwin Natural Selection (14-16) – Suitable for Home Learning
Catalyst Magazine: Darwin Special Edition
Darwin Day: Practicals
Darwin Discoveries: Quick Start Resources
Darwin Today Factsheets

Visit the International Darwin Day website

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