CREST Awards: FREE British Science Week Secondary Projects
March 07th 2023

CREST Awards: FREE British Science Week Secondary Projects

Have you downloaded the British Science Week FREE activity packs?

The British Science Association has created packs for learners of all ages to celebrate British Science Week (10-19 March). The theme for 2023 is ‘Connections’ and each pack provides fun and engaging activities to introduce this theme to children and young people.

The BSW Secondary pack has a fantastic selection of projects, take a look at some of our favourites and download the full collection via the button below.

Send a code, explore artificial intelligence, build a glider and more!

The connections between the forces of flight allow an aircraft to soar – you can’t have one force without the others! In this activity, you will master the forces of flight to design a go-further paper glider which optimises lift and lessens drag to fly further and better!

A popular TV programme challenges participants on 2 islands to set up a way to communicate with each other. The islands are too far apart to use sound and strong currents will sweep away anything like a message in a bottle. Participants can use either light or electricity to transmit a message in Morse code.

Antarctica is like the Earth’s barometer; what happens there tells us how the world’s climate will change in the future. A barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure. This influences rainfall, temperature, winds and storminess. In this activity you will make your own barometer to measure the atmosphere around you.

This activity explores the connection between industrialisation and sustainability. Your challenge is to come up with an idea for a sustainable start-up business linked to your local community.

This activity looks at the connection between humans and technologies. Your challenge is to conduct an investigation comparing and evaluating AI powered education apps.

Growing up you will learn and develop lots of new skills. Whilst some jobs, like a bus driver and a dentist, are very different to each other, you will find that many skills needed are the same. In this activity you will explore the skills and creativity in STEM

British Science Week & CREST Awards

Many of the activities in the BSW packs are CREST accredited, so if you enjoy using them, why not think about running a CREST Award? CREST Awards give students real-life experience of being a scientist while getting introduced to STEM project work. They are nationally accredited and are a fun, yet educational way to get your children involved in STEM subjects.

Find out more about CREST Awards here
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As North West Regional CREST Support OrganisationAll About STEM promote CREST Awards across the region and point schools & clubs to the support they need to run this amazing scheme. CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

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