Celebrate World Bee Day!
May 16th 2023

Celebrate World Bee Day!

Save Our Bees!

To raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development, the UN designated the 20th of May as World Bee Day.

“The goal of World Bee Day is to strengthen measures aimed at protecting bees, which would significantly contribute to solving problems related to the global food supply and eliminate hunger in developing countries.”

Celebrate World Bee Day and encourage your learners to nurture nature and protect our pollinators with the fun and informative activities below.

About World Bee Day & How We Can Do More
Discover Pollinators

CREST Awards

During a CREST Awards project, students take on the roles of scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to pursue their own ideas.

Bumble Bee Mystery (CREST Superstar P36)
Think about pollinators and their habitats!

STEM Learning

STEM Learning: World Bee Day Resources
BBC Microbit: Bees & Pollination
Save Our Bees: British Science Association Activity Booklet


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As North West Regional CREST Support OrganisationAll About STEM promote CREST Awards across the region and point schools & clubs to the support they need to run this amazing scheme. CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

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