CREST Projects: STEM Summer Snacks!
July 19th 2023

CREST Projects: STEM Summer Snacks!

Make tasty treats during the holidays and start earning CREST Awards at the same time!

With your support, your children can discover the science behind their snacks and eat (and drink) their delicious experiments.

Get Set Jellies (Ages 7-11)
Fruit jellies are so refreshing but are there fruits that can stop your dessert from setting? Try different fruits and find out.

Take a look: Superstar P30

Yummy Yoghurt Maker (Ages 7-11)
Whip up yoghurt in your favourite flavour, learn about fermentation, reversible and irreversible reactions and complete a blindfold taste test – Yum!

Take a look: Superstar P51

Make Your Own Fizzy Drink (11+)
People have been making fizzy drinks for hundreds of years by fermenting them. Compare your self-made pop to a shop-bought version. (Adult supervision required.)

Take a look: Bronze Award

As North West Regional CREST Support OrganisationAll About STEM promote CREST Awards across the region and point schools & clubs to the support they need to run this amazing scheme. CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

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