Careers & Enterprise Company: Primary Resources
February 08th 2024

Careers & Enterprise Company: Primary Resources

Is your school taking part in #StartSmallDreamBig?

Wave 3 has just begun.

Start Small; Dream Big is a £2.6 million programme from the Careers & Enterprise Company targeting 2,250 primary schools and 600,000 pupils from 55 Education Investment Areas (EIAs). The goal is to encourage children from disadvantaged backgrounds to dream big about their future careers.

Backed by investment from the Department for Education, the scheme will run in waves to 2025.

Whether you’re taking part or waiting for your wave, you can access the Careers & Enterprise Company suite of resources to support primary-related career learning. There’s also a quiz tool included to help you structure an embedded classroom and whole-school strategy.

All About Futures (All About STEM) partner with the Combined Authority’s Liverpool City Region Careers Hub to support the work of the Careers and Enterprise Company.

“Connecting schools and colleges with employers and careers program providers, to create meaningful encounters for pupils with the world of work.”

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