Maths Y11-Y13: Fantastical Modes & How to Find Them
February 19th 2024

Maths Y11-Y13: Fantastical Modes & How to Find Them

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool is offering a Free Spring Lecture, suitable for Y11 – Y13, teachers and the public.

‘Fantastical Modes and How to Find Them’ by Finn Allison

“We hunt a two-fanged finite shape-shifter made from masses, point-like, and springs, linear.
At natural frequencies it’s true nature is revealed – the modes fantastical otherwise concealed.
With a radial pulsing, it lures its prey and devours them whole so the legends say. Its syncopated beats form a hypnotic dance, sending all who dare look into an endless trance. A creature found lurking in the depths of caves, you say “hello” and to you back, it waves.”

Finn Allison is a PhD student at the University of Liverpool and, in this talk, he will give an accessible look at his current research, including some live demonstrations.

Click here for further details and to book.

This lecture is face-to-face. Please order one ticket per person attending. 

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