CREST: NEW British Science Week Theme 2025
May 08th 2024

CREST: NEW British Science Week Theme 2025

The British Science Association has just announced the theme for British Science Week 2025!

BSW 2025 will take place from the 7th to the 16th of March and the theme will be ‘Change & Adapt’. During the week, schools are encouraged to celebrate with STEM activities and events.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can all be linked to changes in nature, technology, space, and more. So if you’re looking to plan BSW projects in advance, there are plenty of subjects to choose from.

Learners could also focus on behaviour and the adaptations we could make to create positive changes for the population and planet.

Click here to learn more about British Science Week 2025 and how to apply for funding for future projects or events.

In Autumn, FREE BSW Taster Packs will be released with activities on this theme followed by complete Activity Packs in January. In the meantime, if you’re looking for inspiration you can download previous BSW Activity Packs or visit the CREST Awards website for resources and ideas.

Change & Adapt: CREST Award Projects

Example Superstar Projects (Age 7-11)
Bumblebee Mystery – all about pollinators & their habitats
Camouflaged Creatures – trees, their differences & the life they support
Cheesy Challenge – how milk is changed to cheese
Surprising Stains – chemistry and material colour changes
Recycle Reuse – making paper and thinking about recycling paper
Playground Games – disabilities, creating accessible and inclusive games

Example Discovery Projects (Age 10-14)
Machines of the Future
Stop the Spread
Sustainable Solutions
Classroom of the Future

Example Bronze Projects (Age 11+)
Machine Learning
Monitoring Acid Rain
Waste Free Lunch
Worldwide Washing
Artificial Intelligence

Example Silver Projects (Age 14+)
Climate Science
Monitoring Water Pollution
Clean Growth

Example Gold Projects (Age 16+)
Future of Mobility
Worldwide Washing
Monitoring Polution
A Balanced Diet

All CREST Awards Levels

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