Prizes & Awards

Competition Winners

A single top prize will be awarded for the Best of the Best – one overall winner from across all three age groups.

A separate winner and runner up will be selected for each of the three age groups, Juniors, Inters and Seniors.

Prizes include individual or team vouchers & prizes or vouchers for your school!
All winners and runner-ups will also receive goodie bags.

Other entries may be awarded Special Commendation.

Sponsor prizes to be announced in the coming months.

Special Awards

In addition, there are Special Awards available for particular categories. If entrants wish to be considered for a Special Award, they should self-nominate on the Competition Entry Form, ensuring that the content of the project is suitable for consideration.

Grand Challenges

(See the Grand Challenges website)

Grand Challenge – Artificial Intelligence and Data
Awarded to an entry that illustrates the potential use of computer science and datasets for problem solving.

Grand Challenge – Clean Growth
Awarded to an entry which illustrates the potential for greater sustainability or more efficient use of resources.

Grand Challenge – Future of Mobility
Awarded to an entry which illustrates the potential for more efficient or enjoyable transport experience.

Grand Challenge – Ageing Society
Awarded to an entry which illustrates the potential for technology to meet the needs of an ageing society.

The Skills Awards

Skills Award – Practical Investigation
Awarded to an entry which evidences practical scientific investigation skills such as planning, asking questions, making predictions, setting up tests, observing, measuring, collecting, recording and analysing data and evaluation.

Skills Award – Effective Communication
Awarded to an entry which explains scientific ideas in an engaging, informative and accessible way.

Skills Award – Creativity and Design
Awarded to an entry which evidences originality and inventiveness in concept or presentation.

Entrepreneurial Potential
Awarded to an entry which evidences the potential for commercial success of the product or its creator(s).