Edexcel GCSE Astronomy

Edexcel GCSE Astronomy

The Edexcel GCSE in Astronomy can extend the curriculum and compliment the study of GCE Physics.

The specification is designed to:

■ develop their curiosity and enthusiasm for astronomy and to take an informed interest in
current astronomical investigations, discoveries and space exploration
■ acquire knowledge and understanding of astronomy theory and practice and the skills needed
to investigate a wide range of astronomy contexts
■ appreciate that the study and practice of astronomy are co-operative and cumulative activities
and to appreciate the links between astronomy and other branches of science
■ promote an awareness that the study and practice of astronomy are subject to economic,
technical, ethical and cultural influences and limitations, and that the applications of astronomy
and space exploration may be both beneficial and detrimental to the individual and the
■ enhance their science studies and learn about different aspects of science, alongside their other
science courses
■ progress to further and higher education courses in the fields of astronomy or physics.

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