Lab in a Lorry

Lab in a Lorry

Lab in a Lorry is an interactive mobile science laboratory staffed by practising scientists and engineers.

The aim of Lab in a Lorry is to give young people aged 11-14 the opportunity to do experimental science in the way it actually happens; exploratory, accidental, informed by curiosity and intuition, but also bounded and guided by the experience and insight of practicing scientists.

Each Lorry is a self-contained experience – it rolls up and is ready to go.

Prior to each event volunteers are given a full briefing on the experiments and guidance on how to help young people explore and learn by themselves. Our aim is to make the experience as enjoyable and inspiring for our volunteers as it undoubtedly will be for our younger visitors.

Lab in a Lorry is a joint initiative between the Institute of Physics and the Schlumberger Foundation. It is one of several outreach programmes organised by the Institute of Physics and aims to make physics and scientific careers more attractive to young people.

You can request a visit to your school from the lab, but be aware that the logistics of organising a visit means that dates and locations are planned well in advance.

You can also volunteer to staff the lorry.

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