Schools STEM Funding Guide: Apply Now!

Schools STEM Funding Guide: Apply Now!

Need funding for an upcoming project or idea or perhaps you’re unaware of the options available? Take a look through this list and you could be doing something STEM-sational this term!

Heritage Lottery – Young Roots

Deadline: Continuous
Amount: £10,000 to £50,000

Young Roots is a grant programme designed to engage young people aged 11–25 with their heritage, which could relate to scientific / engineering developments in the past. Young Roots projects stem directly from the interest and ideas of young people, who are supported by youth and heritage organisations to develop skills, build confidence, and connect with their local communities.

More information and how to apply


IOP School Grant

Deadline: 1 February 2015, 1 June 2015, 1 November 2015
Amount: Up to £500

The scheme is open to all UK educational institutions (schools and colleges) catering for pupils/students in the age range 5-19. Applications from home school groups will also be considered. Applications must be submitted by the educational institution and not by any partners involved with the project. Projects linked to astronomy, space and particle physics are particularly encouraged.

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Biochemical Society Outreach Grant

Deadline:April 2015
Amount: Up to £1,000

Support for scientific outreach events that communicate the excitement of molecular bioscience to young people and the community. Applications are invited for sums up to £1,000 to assist with the direct costs associated with an event and expenses incurred (e.g. transport and/or teacher cover).

The Biochemical Society must be acknowledged at the event and in the resources produced. Copies of all materials generated should be submitted to the Society to disseminate to others where appropriate. A short report of the activity and list of attendees is a condition of the grant.

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Waitrose Community Matters

Deadline: Continuous
Amount: Share of £1,000 between 3 causes

Each trading month, Waitrose branches have £1,000 to divide between three local organisations; such as welfare organisations, community groups, schools or local divisions of national charities. Under the scheme, customers nominate organisations, with the final decision made by PartnerVoice forums (Waitrose’s local democratic bodies). Each branch will have a Community Matters Champion, who will find out about potential beneficiaries.

More information and how to apply


RSC Outreach Fund

Deadline: 30 January 2015, 30 April 2015, 31 July 2015
Amount: Small grants: up to £2,000, Medium grants: between £2,000 and £10,000, Large grants: between £10,000 and £50,000

The RSC Outreach Fund provides financial support to individuals and organisations in order to enable them to run chemistry-based events and activities for public audiences. Through the fund they can support members, and other advocates, to engage with different audiences, and provide people with an entry point into the chemical sciences.

More information and how to apply


STFC – Small Awards Scheme

Deadline: Round A tbc early 2015
Amount: £500 to £10,000

The Science and Society programme Small Awards Scheme provides funds for small, local or pilot projects promoting STFC science and technology. Anyone can apply, including the research community, schools, museums, etc. Expenditure can go towards materials, salaries and travel and subsistence. Projects must be relevant to publicising or teaching the STFC-funded science areas: particle physics, nuclear physics, space, ionospheric, solar and planetary science, astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology, amongst others.

More information and how to apply


British Ecological Society Outreach Grants

Deadline: 27 March 2015
Amount: Up to £2,000

The British Ecological Society encourages its members and others to engage the public with exciting and important aspects of ecology. Projects can be part of a larger scheme, like National Science and Engineering Week, or they can be an individual initiative. The objectives of the grant are to support the development of projects that raise public awareness of and engagement with ecology, stimulate discussion about ecological science and its implications for society, inspire and enthuse people about ecology, especially those not previously interested in ecology and to develop the communications skills of individuals involved.

More information and how to apply


Holmes-Hines Memorial Fund

Deadline: Continuous
Amount: £50 to £1,500 (average £500)

Small awards are available to help individuals or organisations with activities related to science and engineering for which public funds are not available. Applications can be in any area of science and engineering. This grant funds annual prizes, scholarships, exhibitions or research grants, the incidental expenses of visiting scientists, the purchase of scientific apparatus and equipment, and school science weeks.

More information and how to apply


Royal Institution Enrichment Grants

Deadline: 9 February 2015
Amount: £500

STEM Directories are a free resource for teachers to search for external providers to help supplement their classroom activities. The Directories are managed by the Royal Institution. The Ri and the Causeway Foundation are offering UK schools grants of up to £500 to host a show, talk, workshop, debate, challenge, or other STEM activity to supplement their students’ classroom activities.

Grants of up to £500 are being offered to eligible state-funded schools, academies and FE colleges in the UK to take part in an Enrichment and Enhancement STEM activity from the STEM Directories before July 2015. This is an exciting opportunity for students to take part in a mathematics activity and help integrate mathematics enrichment in school practice.

More information and how to apply


British Pharmacological Society Grants

Deadline: 16 February 2015
Amount: £1,500

Grants of up to £1500 are available to support innovative pharmacology outreach and public engagement activities. These grants are available to both BPS members and non-members, including schools and teachers, and the project should usually take place within six months of the application deadline.

More information and how to apply


Education Endowment Fund

Deadline: 1 April 2015
Amount: £50,000+

Fund to support projects that address educational disadvantage within English primary and secondary schools. Schools and teachers as well as local authorities and charities can apply for funding to support projects that improve the performance of poor pupils in the country’s most challenging schools. To be eligible, projects must mainly focus on children entitled to free school meals attending those schools which are not meeting the government’s floor targets for attainment and progression. Ideally, projects would cover more than one school.

More information and how to apply


RSC Educational Grants Scheme

Deadline: tbc
Amount: Enhanced Equipment: £100 to £500, Chemistry Clubs: Up to £1,000, Partnership of 3: Up to £1,000

Supports projects with the objective of enhancing the learning (and teaching) experience in relation to chemistry for students (and teachers). The fund has offered support in two main areas: Enhanced Equipment and Chemistry Clubs. They will continue to encourage applications for both of these funding streams and are adding two more funding areas to the portfolio: One is in relation to encouraging projects that bring together schools/ colleges and their local universities (Partnership of 3) and the other is to support appropriate activities in undergraduate Chemistry Societies (UG ChemSoc).

Enhanced Equipment: for equipment that cannot be purchased through a school’s mainstream teaching budget and which would enrich the learning experience of students.

Chemistry Clubs: targeted at activities run at schools/ colleges outside the normal science timetable which may be focussed on generating interest in chemistry.

Partnership of 3: available to schools, colleges or universities to support activities that bring together at least three different partners to benefit in the delivery or attendance at a chemistry centred outreach activity.

More information and how to apply


Royal Society Partnership Grants

Deadline: 5 February 2015
Amount: Up to £3,000

This scheme helps schools to run exciting and innovative projects in partnership with a professional scientist or engineer. Grants for science projects run at a primary or secondary school or college in partnership with a professional scientist or engineer.

More information and how to apply


Society for General Microbiology – Microbiology in Schools Fund

Deadline: 15 March 2015
Amount: Up to £1,000

Grants can be used to support a range of microbiology-related projects. These might include, but are not limited to:

  • organising a visit to or from a working microbiologist (no more than £200 in expenses may be claimed per visiting microbiologist)
  • running a school- or college-based science week activity (e.g. hands-on or programme of talks)
  • supporting microbiology activities in an out-of-school science club
  • buying materials and equipment outside of normal department resources to support a microbiology activity
  • a class visit to a microbiology laboratory to carry out activities

More information and how to apply


IET Education Fund

Deadline: opens 2 February 2015
Amount: Up to £5,000

The IET Education Fund provides support for local education projects which are endorsed by IET Local Networks. Any organisation capable of developing and delivering UK-based projects which promote STEM subjects to school children can apply for funding, including schools, IET Local Networks and IET TPNs. The funding is for projects that help to encourage UK-based school students aged 5-19 to take an interest in STEM subjects and to consider engineering and technology based courses and careers.

More information and how to apply


Woodland Trust Free Trees

Deadline: Applications for delivery in November 2015 will open soon
Amount: Packs of 30, 105, or 420 free trees

The Woodland trust have over 3,000 free tree packs to give away to schools, community and youth groups. There are a range of packs available to order. Whatever pack you choose your trees will be young saplings about 20 – 40cm high, sourced and grown in the UK.

More information and how to apply


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