The Triple Science Support Programme: Free Resource Packs

The Triple Science Support Programme: Free Resource Packs

The National STEM Centre  have joined forces with The Science Learning Network to introduce The Triple Science Support Programme. The programme offers a fantastic set of downloadable resources.

“All teachers recognise that some parts of science can be difficult or less exciting to teach and this can be even more problematic if it is outside your area of expertise. Similarly some areas lend themselves to extension through links with external agencies or by direct contact with ‘real world scientists’.

The Triple Science Support Programme has produced a series of guides and resource packages. These provide background information and practical suggestions to support classroom practice and develop enhancement and enrichment opportunities throughout the curriculum.”

Resources include Astrobiology, Careers, Genomics, Field Work, Radiation and Medicine and more.

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The National STEM Centre offers numerous FREE resources in all STEM subjects via it’s extensive eLibrary.

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