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So, you've got a STEM Club up & running. You've built your staff team & attracted a regular group of students. But, with all the other demands on your time, maintaining a healthy STEM Club isn't always easy. There are also so many resources out there it can be a bit overwhelming or perhaps other schools seem to be doing things that you couldn't possibly do?

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How do you keep the momentum & ensure that your club goes from strength to strength?

Our advice is:

  1. Remember this is a club! Have fun! Leave space for you & your clubbers to socialise. Have cake.
  2. Plan a treat. It’s good to have something to look forward to… a reward trip can help with student attendance.
  3. Mix it up. Longer projects give clubbers something to get their teeth into & reduce your planning time. Shorter whizz-bang activities keep things fresh.

There are also lots of opportunities for you get involved in competitions & project work. You don’t have to be doing stuff at the cutting edge of scientific research for your students to take part.

Clubs are a perfect context for students to complete a British Science Association CREST Award.

Perhaps you could enter some project-work into The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition?

There are literally hundreds of other short-term competitions available. You can find out about these by signing up to our All About STEM teacher newsletter or many of them are listed on the School Science website.

Alternatively, why not check out our Six Week STEM Club page, which provides ideas for running short-term clubs for different students each half-term, drastically reducing your planning & resourcing for the club.

And, don’t forget… you can always register with STEM Learning to be able to request the support of a STEM Ambassador volunteer to bring an extra dimension to your club activities or contact us and we can provide some more personal support, specific to you & your school situation. We’re here to help!

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