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Here at All About STEM, we regularly meet teachers who are keen to run a STEM Club but aren't really sure where to start. If you're one of them, then you've come to right place! There's no magic formula for a creating a great STEM Club. Some are truly cross-curicular 'STEM' clubs, others might be science clubs, puzzle clubs, computer clubs etc… anything that gives students a chance to practise a STEM skill counts!

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Before you start a club, our advice is to consider the following:

  1. Why do you want to run the club? What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to attend? What sort of activities do you want to do?
  2. Where can you get help? Who could help you run the club? Where can you find ideas, support & resources?
  3. Can you get some money? Could school provide a small budget? Are there other funding pots available?
  4. How do you make it a ‘club’? How can you create an identity for your club? How can you help students to have fun?
  5. How can you make some noise? How can you publicise the club & celebrate what students do?

There are so many resources to help you when starting a STEM Club. Take a look at all of the amazing projects that STEM Learning has on offer!

If the idea of running a club every week of the year, for the same group of students, seems a little daunting, you may like to check out our Six Week STEM Club Programme page, which gives ideas for running a STEM Club for a different group of students each half-term, greatly reducing your planning & resourcing.

If you feel able to take on something bigger then you may like to have a think about doing some project work or entering students into some competitions. You can find out more about these sorts of things on our Established Clubs page.

You can also register with STEM Learning to request the support of a STEM Ambassador volunteer to bring an extra dimension to your club activities. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from a wide variety of STEM careers & backgrounds who can support clubs by helping with activities &sharing career-based knowledge.

It’s difficult to provide anything more than some basic support on the pages of a website but, here at All About STEM, we have oodles of insider information to share with you. Contact us & we can provide more personal support, specific to your school situation.

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