Talk: The Wonders of Relativity – Registration now open!
November 12th 2015

Talk: The Wonders of Relativity – Registration now open!

The Institute of Physics is hosting a talk for 6th Form students on The Wonders of Relativity. Get to grips with the universe – registration is now open!

This talk explores some of the bizarre and amazing consequences of Einstein’s theories of relativity.

It starts with why the classical Newtonian view of the universe needed modification, with special relativity the phenomena of time dilation and spatial contraction will be explored.

The equivalence of mass and energy will be outlined, with several examples from nuclear and particle physics being described.

Finally, there will be a discussion on general relativity and its application to gravitational fields and cosmology, and so to black holes and the expansion of the universe.

Date: Wednesday 9 December, 14:30 University of Liverpool

Full details can be found by clicking here.

Registration: Schools are requested to book groups by emailing [email protected].

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