STEM Clubs Week is coming!
December 06th 2015

STEM Clubs Week is coming!

STEMNET are pleased to announce the second annual STEM Clubs Week, taking place Monday 01- 05 February 2016.

For those schools with an existing STEM Club, this is an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments and discoveries. For those schools without an operational STEM Club, this is the perfect time to start one.

By mid-December, the STEM Clubs Website ( will be updated with information for the 2016 STEM Clubs Week. On the website, there will be tips for starting new STEM Clubs and ideas for STEM Clubs activities. On the STEM Clubs webpage, teachers can find their local STEMNET Contract Holder for advice on creating a new STEM Club or activities for their existing STEM Club.

STEM Clubs Week will include a national photo competition, promoted through Twitter. There will be three photo categories, aimed at widening participation, engaging new students in STEM, and broadening the perception of what a STEM Club entails. The categories are:

  • Most unusual type of STEM Club
  • Best use of a STEM Ambassador in a STEM Club
  • Most original STEM Clubs Activity

From Monday 01 – 05 February 2016, STEM Clubs are invited to take part in the competition by sending a photo or video, and a 50 word description to [email protected] or tweet @STEMClubs. All pictures and videos will be shared on the STEM Clubs website in an effort to showcase the hard work of all involved.

Please note, that while STEM Clubs Week is a celebration for all STEM Clubs, the competition will only be open to STEM Clubs from state funded, secondary schools throughout the UK. Representatives from STEMNET and the Science Museum will choose the finalists.

STEM Clubs Week aims to broaden the perception of what a STEM Club is while engaging students in fun, inspiring and exciting activities. It is also a great opportunity for STEM Clubs to showcase their hard work and commitment on a national level.

If you are a Cheshire or Merseyside school and would like to start a STEM Club, get in touch!

We also have numerous resources and ideas for existing STEM Clubs, contact us for more.

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