The Big Bang North West 2016: Activities Galore!
June 30th 2016

The Big Bang North West 2016: Activities Galore!

The Big Bang North West REALLY is BIGGER AND BETTER for 2016.
Want to plan your day? Check out our ENORMOUS list of amazing activities!
We can’t wait to welcome you all…



Science2U’s Big Bang North West extravaganza is aptly named – ‘I Wasn’t Expecting That!’
What you can expect is colour changing chemistry and flash-bang fun that you’ve never seen before.

The show features:

  • The amazing disappearing gel balls
  • Rocket fuelled whoosh bottles
  • A dry ice spectacular

Medical Mavericks

The Medical Mavericks provide fun, interactive workshops that inspire young people, helping them to see the STEM opportunities they have. Everyone who attends one of their workshops leaves with a new appreciation for science and STEM… along with a smile on their face.

“The Accelerator is returning so you had better bring your trainers to see if you can beat a virtual Usain Bolt. Take a picture of the retina inside your eye with an iPhone Retina Scan, see inside your body with an Ultrasound machine as well record and print an ECG. Tom, The Human Guinea Pig will also be performing parts of his amazing show, The Human Guinea Pig!”

CBBC’s Gastronut Stefan Gates – Eat My Science

Stefan’s Gastronaut shows are immensely popular, world-class science communication spectacles!

His performances include Chocolatology, The Edible Science Show, Gastrolab, Fartology, The Quantum Mechanical Chocolate Factory, Future Food, Science of Sweets, Gastronaut Extreme, Supertasters & Incredible Edibles.

“I’m looking forward to working alongside MerseySTEM and performing at The Big Bang North West. Like me, they’re all about inspiring young people via fun, hands-on STEM. I can’t wait to meet the children, spark their interest in science… and maybe, blow some food up! See you all there!”


We are overjoyed to announce that AstraZeneca (Liverpool) will be returning as our Headline Sponsor for The Big Bang North West 2016!

AstraZeneca were so proud of the amazing things we achieved together in 2014 & 2015, that they want to make 2016’s event at the new Exhibition Centre Liverpool, even BIGGER AND BETTER – just like us!

“Visit AstraZeneca at The Big Bang North West and you can use infrared cameras to detect electrical faults, have a go at vibration analysis, chemistry, laboratory activities and much more. You can also try out our cleanroom gowns & experience virtual reality in the workplace!”


The Royal Society of Chemistry – Mission Starlight!

Wow! The Royal Society of Chemistry are bringing their GLOBAL EXPERIMENT to The Big Bang North West. You can take part in Mission Starlight!

“Space can be dangerous for astronauts out on space walks. Without the Earth’s protective atmosphere they are in danger of being harmed by UV rays. Come investigate how chemistry can provide protection from starlight with Royal Society of Chemistry 2016 Global Experiment – Mission Starlight!  Plus you can make your own comet bath bomb and explore why things glow in our interactive tent!


United Utilities – What not to flush!

We’re excited to be welcoming United Utilities to The Big Bang North West 2016!

Are you up to speed on The 3 P’s? Their stand is going to be marvellously messy… you’ll be surprised what people flush!

At The Big Bang North West, United Utilities will be running an activity throughout the day to bring to life the waste element of their business – ‘What not to Flush!’ Their Apprentices will also be on hand to introduce you to ‘The 3 P’s’ and there’ll be a chance to quiz them at a STEM speed dating activity!


The IET – Lights Alive!

The Institution of Engineering and Technology will be dazzling our visitors at The Big Bang North West with their Lights Alive stand – there’ll be sparks flying too!

You can look forward to:

1. The IET’s famous ‘Build your own LED torch’ activity – a favourite of everyone!
2. The Light Quiz – There will be 10 questions about light, get 8 or more correct and win a prize!
3. Experiment: How to turn 5vdc to 10,000vdc! You will have the chance to hold your finger in the spark gap… (don’t worry, it’s not dangerous – but it is exciting!)
4. Volt Videos! What 100,000 volts does to a melon and 100,000 volt caged man.
5. Demonstrations and new inventions
6. Careers advice and freebie giveaways!


The MNCO Zone!

The Merseyside Network for Collaborative Outreach (MNCO) have confirmed as a Platinum Plus sponsor for The Big Bang North West 2016. There will be an enormous zone of fun, interactive STEM activities from every College and University in Liverpool! We can’t wait to tell you more.

“MNCO is delighted to announce our sponsorship of the Big Bang North West event.  As a network, we are committed to supporting schools and colleges in accessing interactive and dynamic STEM related activities and we are looking forward to supporting MerseySTEM in making this year’s event the biggest and best yet! Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing details of our MNCO zone, which will feature an array of hands-on and exciting exhibits from our partners!”

Wirral Metropolitan College

“We can’t wait for The Big Bang North West! Join us in The MNCO Zone and check out our robots &  interactive Science displays. There’ll be plenty of chance to speak to our staff and students too about learning and training at Wirral Metropolitan.”


“Our visitors will be able to visit the sound desk and have a go at mixing, pick up a tablet and check out LIPA’s annual music festival and much more – there’ll even be a chance to listen to a LIPA gig!”

Riverside College & Cronton Sixth Form College

“Visit our stand at The Big Bang North West and experience 3D printing first hand! Have a look at our brand new Vauxhall engine to examine faults and repairs and have a go at welding with our virtual welder!”

Edge Hill University

Computing is anything but boring! Visit the Edge Hill stand and explore how expression and digital technology combine. You’ll learn about visualisation, the art of data representation, virtual reality and more!

SharEd & City Of Liverpool College

Visit their stand and look forward to a truly immersive & interactive experience as you discover ‘The Internet of Things’. There will be wearable technology, emotion sensors, real time feedback systems and classroom environment sensors – you’ll be feeling this one!

Hugh Baird College

The Hugh Baird stand will have both computer and sports science activities relating to fitness, nutrition and sports development! Are you as healthy as you think?

Liverpool Hope University

The School of Health Sciences stand will have an interactive body composition and sporting performance display where students will be able to get a chance to use real lab equipment and learn how scientific experiments are carried out.

Liverpool John Moores University ‘WiSTEM Project’

“At The Big Bang North West, join LJMU in exploring some of the vital services that the ocean provides for us and how humans are affecting it.  Learn about the basics of Ocean Chemistry and how this affects sea creatures and humans alike!”

Liverpool John Moores University ‘Gaming Psychology’

“We’re giving Big Bang North West visitors the chance to play a computer game while their heart rate is measured. Their heart rate will control the speed of the game and they can pit themselves against other players too!”

Liverpool John Moores University ‘Chemistry for All’ Project

“Visit the LJMU ‘Chemistry for All’ stand at The Big Bang North West and discover how to be a forensic investigator! We’ll also have chromatography experiments and there’s the chance to win a lolly by building a molecule!”

University of Liverpool Outreach Team
At The Big Bang North West you will have the opportunity to extract DNA from strawberries and build your own sweet DNA model!

“The Outreach Team is a student-led initiative, encouraging students to deliver exciting science events to the public and local schools. Our workshops were loved by all at last year’s Big Bang Fair!”

St Helens College

“Did you know that strawberries have DNA, just like humans? Come along to the St Helens College stand at The Big Bang North West and you can learn how to extract DNA! We’ll also have information and advice on the STEM opportunities here at St Helens College.”

University Centre St Helens

“Everything around us is designed by engineers. Visit the University Centre St Helens stand at The Big Bang North West and you can test out your skills with our glass making experiment. There’s a chance to learn more about STEM at UCSH too!”



ScottishPower have confirmed as The Big Bang North West’s Show Stage sponsor!

ScottishPower made a big impression with their stand at The Big Bang North West 2015 and after seeing how inspiring the event is, they were keen to reach out to more young people in 2016. Along with the additional space at our amazing new venue at the Liverpool Exhibition Centre, we have an impressive new Show Stage. This was the perfect way for ScottishPower to invest in their goal.

They’ll be bringing their apprentices along with them, keep watching our activities list for a list of show stage performers!

Festo’s Chocolate Factory!

We’re overjoyed to be welcoming Festo to The Big Bang North West 2016!

Do you prefer caramel chocolate… or plain?
What if you didn’t know what you were getting?
How do machines process and sort your favourite flavours?

At The Big Bang North West you’ll be able to visit the Festo stand and channel Mr W – feel free to bring your purple top hat! You’ll have the opportunity to build a pneumatic circuit and discover the process that sorts caramel from chocolate, just like a real chocolate factory!

The Vikings are coming!

An enormous Viking longboat is soon to be hot-footed to Liverpool Exhibition Centre by its wayfaring warriors, they’re bringing weapons too.

Will you meet Brother Mellitus, a medieval monk and expert on ink and pigments used to make medieval manuscripts; Albert Harvey, the medieval alchemist and physician or Bjarni Thorvaldrson, a Viking raider and trader? Watch out for him! You’ll have to visit the Viking longboat to find out…

Code Club UK


“We can’t wait for The Big Bang North West! Visit the Code Club stand and play keepie-uppie with Scratch, use a steady hand to beat the BBC micro:bit, create an animation for our DIY Gamer or check out our Raspberry Pi robots!”

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

“At The Big Bang North West, come visit a mini version of our science centre and try some interactive exhibits and hands on activities. Learn about marvellous materials, see through your own hand and see if you can power a light bulb with your biceps!”


“We can’t wait for The Big Bang North West! At the Hi-Impact stand you can meet our £10,000 humanoid robot, use slow motion technology to see what is missed by the human eye and explore wearable tech for futuristic clothing using Arduino. You’ll have the chance to use infrared cameras to reveal a hidden world and learn how to take photographs from space using a giant helium balloon!”

Techniquest Glyndwr

“Visit the Techniquest Glyndwr stand to take part in many activities from science busking to trying to control a robotic arm, then see if you are brave enough for the seat of nails… Further challenges include discovering if you can you correctly identify which animals have been into space and how many drops of water can you fit onto a coin?”

Did they say seat of nails!? Posterior protection at the ready, we want a go!

Atkins Global

Head over to the Atkins Global stand at The Big Bang North West and you can use virtual reality headsets to view Atkins’ designs! They have a Structures Top Trumps game too and if that wasn’t enough, check out their STEM-sational balloon towers!

Amaze Ltd

You can look forward to:

1. An Oculus Rift experience developed for Lexus where the person can select the colours, wheels and interiors of the car. They can also take the car on a drive and look around the car as it goes!

2. An digital game where children can guess which skills fit to which job

Amec Foster Wheeler

Have you got nerves of steel and a steady hand to take on their nuclear transport challenge in the quickest time possible? There’s also the chance to explore the world of remote operations with their robotics team. Can you guide their robots over obstacles and through the mini maze?

Alstom UK

At The Big Bang North West it’s all about digital interaction, 3D printing and engineering! They’ll be brining their 3D printed model of a traction motor with supporting software along with an interactive map of Alstom’s UK capabilities.


“We can’t wait for The Big Bang North West! We will be hosting a range of activities throughout the day that allow people to drop-in momentarily and engage with creative technologies. Activities include coding Minecraft, programming an Arduino and hands-on electronics – components ready!”

Farm Urban

Their stand will feature the Produce Pod: an open-source aquaponics system that is a permanent and embedded living lab which continues to reinforce STEM principles by inviting student engagement. Eco-friendly and fun!

FLP Solutions

FLP will have 3D printers modelling designs throughout the day! They’ll also have a variety of their creations for you to see made from various colours & materials.

Can we have a BBNW logo please?

Liverpool Girl Geeks

At the Big Bang North West they will be hosting ‘Role Mode Roulette’ where attendees can learn about different roles within the sector and find their inspiration!

There will also be a fun photo prop box, keep your eyes peeled for that and geekify your selfies!

Into Film

Visit the Into Film stand at The Big Bang North West and hear what employers are looking for in new entrants and what the job opportunities are. You can also discover how some of the CGI creatures you see on the big and small screen are created!

Health Education England North West

Are you a medical marvel in the making? At The Big Bang North West, Health Education England North West will have representatives from hospital trusts including professionals from physiology, radiography, pharmacy, dietetics, nursing, cardiology, dental, clinical laboratories and more!

Interactive hands-on activities will include:
Performing CPR
Spotting tumours within CT scans
Showing healthy food models
Guessing the weight of fat deposits
Artificial heart and its functions
Name the parts on a skeleton
Science quizzes


“It’s all about Man V’s Bot! Come and try to solve the Rubik Cube faster than one of our Mindstorm robots and learn how robots can be used in industry. We’ll have demonstrations of mechanical devices, careers advice and freebies too!”

Maritime & Engineering College North West

“At The Big Bang North West you can test your welding and hand-eye coordination skills without the heat and sparks! Our state-of-the-art welding simulator set will be on display for you to try your hand at becoming the next master welder! With a range of built-in programmes you can experiment with different welding processes!”

Institute of Physics

“At The Big Bang North West you can see things differently with physics. Visit the Institute of Physics stand and see sound using cornflour gloop! There’ll be a chance to explore how the light our eyes can’t see can see where buildings lose heat, to mark things invisibly and much, much more.”

Priestley College

“At The Big Bang North West, staff and Student Ambassadors will be available to talk to visitors about College Life and the huge range of courses available at Priestley.  Visitors to the stand will also have the opportunity to try out the Oculus Rift – a virtual reality headset for 3D gaming.”

The Nuclear Institute

“We’re looking forward to The Big Bang North West! At The Nuclear Industry stand we will have various exhibits demonstrating the complexities of working in the nuclear industry. You can discover what it’s like to work in the field!”

Network Rail

“Visit the Network Rail stand at The Big Bang North West! We will have a Marble Run game, Earthworks activity and fun safety demonstrations including beer goggles! There will also be a quiz and the chance to try on some of our personal protective equipment.”

Science Grrl & The University of Liverpool

“Meet a whole host of insects and find out all about them from our experts, test your skills as an animal identifier and race the clock to build the biggest population!”

Sellafield Ltd

We are overjoyed to announce that Sellafield Ltd will be returning to The Big Bang North West as our Gold Sponsor!

In previous years, Sellafield’s interactive, fun activities have been immensely popular with our visitors. They are dedicated to promoting STEM to schools and we are delighted to have their support for 2016!

“Visit the Sellafield stand as we’ll have a range of hands-on activities to inspire young people about STEM careers and the Nuclear Industry. These will include a Timeline Quiz about the history of Sellafield, a Problem Solving Circuit Board Challenge, a Glovebox Challenge and a Remote Controlled Decommissioning Activity!”

Reaseheath College

“You can find out about STEM in Agriculture, Animal Management, Horticulture, Construction & Countryside. Ride our mechanical horse, test sugar levels in food and try out ‘Fit Lights’ with our Sports Department!”

Carillion & Kier

We are overjoyed to announce that Carillion & Kier have confirmed as our Gold Sponsor for The Big Bang North West 2016!

British based construction contractors, Carillion and Kier, have joined forces to deliver a section of the M6 Smart Motorway Programme.

“Visit the Carillion & Kier stand for interactive videos, sample construction materials, resources and a chat with our graduates & undergraduates. Check out our personal protection equipment too!”


We are excited to announce that Unilever have confirmed as our Gold Sponsor for The Big Bang North West 2016!

“Unilever Port Sunlight is proud to showcase the science behind the everyday, through some exciting interactive demos from our world-class Research & Development Experts. Be inspired by Our People, and share with your friends through our ‘People Like Me’ photobooth.”


The Big Bang North West is sponsored by AstraZeneca


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