CREST Awards: Primary Engineering!
February 13th 2020

CREST Awards: Primary Engineering!

But CREST focuses on science, right?

CREST Awards cover numerous subjects via many different projects… including engineering!

Every session can help your students become independent and reflective learners through enquiry-based work.

Here’s our rundown of all of the engineering activities that young people can enjoy with CREST. If you would like an ‘at a glance’ list of all primary projects click here.

Superstar Challenges Booklet (Ages 7-11)
A Hole in my Bucket
 – materials, liquids & testing methods
A Sticky Problem – different properties of glue
Band Rollers – design, energy, forces & motion
Bowled over – build & test a ten pin bowling game
Bridge Blunder – weights, forces & measures
Crafty Rafts – making a raft that floats
Discus Dilemma – designing and making a discus
Goodbye Old Tree – trees & the different materials we get from them
Hoodie Hearing – investigating how sound travels
Kite Calamity – make a model kite that will fly
Over To You – looking at adhesives and using creativity
Playground Games – disabilities, creating accessible and inclusive games
Polymer Problem – polymers and their different properties
Protecting Polymers – polymers and their different properties
Racing Rockets – design and build a high-flying rocket
Spinning Solutions – thinking about centrifugal force
Super Spinners – helicopters and how to make a paper spinner
Tomato Sauce – the thickness of liquids (viscosity)


Eurotunnel Journeys Challenge Pack (Ages 7-11)
Be Seen Be Safe
 – examining reflections and light

Star Awards (Ages 5-7)
Be Seen Be Safe
 – Reflection & light
Confusing Cans – Weights, ramps & investigation
Music Maker – How sounds are made
Peggy Problem – Grip & strength
Scrap Yard Scraps – Insulators
Slippery Slidey Shoes – Friction
Sniffly Sneezes – Absorbency of materials
Speed Scooters – Surfaces & friction
Starting Sounds – How sounds can be made
Tea Bag Trouble – Materials
Testing Timers – How sound timers work
Useless Umbrella – Water resistance

CREST Accredited Activities
Royal Institution
– Off the Shelf Primary Masterclasses
ASE Primary upd8
Bright Green Hydrogen – Clean or Dirty Energy, Exploring Hydropower
Bright Green Hydrogen – Hydropower, Recycled Racers, Solar Vehicles, Wind Investigators
Children Challenging Industry – Is there anyone out there?
MP Futures – A Pyramid Today
STEM Learning – Biomimicry, Polar Explorer


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As North West Regional CREST Support Organisation we’re here to promote CREST Awards across the region and point schools & clubs to the support they need to run this amazing scheme. CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

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