NCA & Immersive Labs: Cyber 4 Summer
July 20th 2020

NCA & Immersive Labs: Cyber 4 Summer

Cyber4Summer is a joint initiative between cutting-edge cyber training provider Immersive Labs and the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA).

Cyber4Summer’s aim is to provide a safe, fun and legal environment where young people can learn and develop cybersecurity skills. Cyber4Summer consists of over 100 labs of various skill levels, where you can learn some of the core skills for a range of jobs including Cyber Investigator, Digital Forensics Expert and Network Security Analyst.

These could be your first steps on a pathway to a computer science-related qualification or a well-paid job in the tech industry. 

Cyber4Summer offers challenging labs for all abilities, whether you consider yourself a beginner or an experienced cyber student.

Click here to get involved!

“Coding and programming are fantastic skills to learn, but only if used legally. Teens can drift into cyber crime without realising the seriousness of their actions. Help your child choose the right pathway and put skills to good use with Cyber4Summer.”

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