Tes: ‘CREST Awards – A Saviour in Local Lockdown’
October 20th 2020

Tes: ‘CREST Awards – A Saviour in Local Lockdown’

Science Teacher, Alicia Davies discussed with Tes how CREST Awards projects can be a great approach to take if you’re forced into a local lockdown.

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Excerpt: “Life as a teacher in lockdown was testing to say the least. It was an ongoing mission to find ways to help students remain engaged with their learning, despite the difficult circumstances. 

However, one approach that really resonated with my pupils was project-based learning …This allowed them to explore the science curriculum in a way that was hands-on, accessible, flexible, topical and, most importantly, didn’t depend on screens or textbooks, which not everyone has access to during lockdown.”

 “I used the British Science Association’s (BSA), “Stop the Spread” CREST Award activities (they have a whole library of free resources), which are based on preventing the spread of infectious diseases. I refocused the package to concentrate on airborne diseases, and used multidisciplinary approaches including poetry, drawing and design in the challenges that I set the children. 

As the coronavirus lockdown was a clear example of a problem that required science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) to navigate it, and because it was an event dominating all of our lives, it seemed to be the perfect project…”

Read the article in full & the benefits of project-based learning at

As North West Regional CREST Support OrganisationAll About STEM promote CREST Awards across the region and point schools & clubs to the support they need to run this amazing scheme. CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

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