National Citizen Service: Y11 & 12 Life Session Activities
November 17th 2020

National Citizen Service: Y11 & 12 Life Session Activities

NCS is keen to support youth groups and alternative education providers as they work with young people to recover from the challenging circumstances they’ve found themselves in over 2020.

The following session activities have been written and created with young people from harder to reach and vulnerable backgrounds in mind. The sessions have been designed for Year 11 and 12 students and to be delivered flexibly – each is split into 4 activities which can be run back-to-back or separately depending on your preference.

Each link contains:

  • A teaching guidance document providing advice on which young people the support has been designed for, the objectives and outcomes of each activity, proposed extension tasks, useful links, and notes for each slide to provide staff with suggestions on delivery.
  • A Powerpoint for staff delivery. 

Teaching staff are welcome to make any reasonable changes to the content in order for it to meet their students’ needs, although please note that you may have to make copies of the Powerpoints before you can edit them.

About NCS

NCS is a youth programme that runs across England and Northern Ireland. “We exist to engage, unite and empower young people, building your confidence so you can go out there and achieve your dreams, no matter where you’re from or what your background is. Our programme is managed and supported by NCS Trust, our central team who are constantly working to make sure we deliver the most impactful experience we can to as many young people as possible.”

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