TechFest’s STEM Next Essay Competition
April 28th 2022

TechFest’s STEM Next Essay Competition

TechFest’s STEM Next Essay Competition is back!

This essay competition has no subject pre-requisites and is not purely STEM-based.

Students of various interests are more than welcome to take part! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn transferable skills that you can utilize in your future studies and careers, e.g. research, critical analysis, and communication. There are six potential essay categories to choose from and within each category, there is a diverse range of potential essay questions, with something to suit every interest.

This is a solo project that requires independent research and writing. However, we encourage participants to get feedback from their peers or teachers before the final submission. The essay should be between 1000 to a maximum of 3000 words in length. In addition, at least one external industry professional must be interviewed as part of the research for the essay. A list of the available professionals will be provided.  

There are 6 essay categories available:

1) Energy Transition

2) Medicine & Veterinary Sciences 

3) Biological Sciences 

4) Technology & Innovation 

5) Space Sciences

6) Food, Drink and Agriculture

Students can find out more and register here.

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