STEM Learning: National Numeracy Day Resources
May 12th 2022

STEM Learning: National Numeracy Day Resources

This year, National Numeracy Day takes place on the 18th of May and STEM Learning has a whole host of maths projects and ideas to support teachers and inspire learners of all ages. They are perfect to combine with National Numeracy official resources.

Scroll down to discover some of our favourites!

STEM Learning UK:

– Maths Magic
This STEM teaching resource from the Royal Academy of Engineering explores a variety of magical maths activities, from multiplication tips to card tricks.

– Principia Mission: Maths
This collection of mathematics resources is aimed at teachers of Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 students (age 7 to 16). Learners can explore familiar and unfamiliar mathematical ideas relating to Tim’s Principia mission.

– ESERO: Space Maths

Incorporate Space into National Numeracy Day with this selection of activities.

Bubbles, Balloons & Shapes – Maths
Creating mathematical shapes and structures with balloons and bubbles!

Maths Games from Around the World

Make It: Maths Board Game

– Lunar Maths

A mathematical approach to looking at Lunar exploration.

– Secondary Mathematics

A huge collection of Secondary maths projects.

– Computers & Maths: Space

Explore basic ideas and get a feel for the significance of maths in space.

– Primary Mathematics
Primary maths projects in categories.

– A-Level Mathematics

– Engineering in Maths

Celebrate the world and wonder of engineering with these mathematics resources.

Don’t forget, you can request a STEM ambassador to enthuse your students too. They can offer activities, talks, Q&A sessions and more!

You can also find fantastic maths activities in these 6 Week STEM Club Resource Packs.

National Numeracy Day Resources: STEM Ambassadors ‘Natter About Numbers’
National Numeracy: Official National Numeracy Day Resources
National Numeracy Day Resources for Children, Adults & Families
Celebrate National Numeracy Day with CREST!

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