STEM Certificates: Log your STEM Ambassador hours
July 28th 2022

STEM Certificates: Log your STEM Ambassador hours

“STEM Ambassadors who have volunteered for 15 hours or more in an academic year will receive a STEM Certificate to recognise and celebrate their dedication to inspiring young people.”

Whether you are an active STEM Ambassador, have attended STEM Learning professional development or have been recognised at a STEM Learning award ceremony, these digital certificates enable you to build your professional profile and celebrate your achievements with your own network. 

There are four different digital certificates that you could receive, depending on your level of engagement with the programme:

  • 15 or more volunteering hours
  • 30 or more volunteering hours
  • 50 or more volunteering hours
  • 100 or more volunteering hours

It is important that STEM ambassadors log their activities because only hours logged on the system will result in a certificate notification.

Log your hours for August and you could receive your STEM certificate come September!

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