Apprenticeships: Do I get paid?
October 06th 2022

Apprenticeships: Do I get paid?

“Do I get paid?” is a question we hear during our school & college apprenticeships sessions and the answer is yes!

If you would like to know more, you can discover the financial support you are entitled to as an apprentice in Amazing Apprenticeships NEW rapid-read.

Uncover information about apprenticeship salary rates, financial support, work-related expenses and tax discounts.

Download the Apprenticeship Finances Rapid-Read

Rapid-read sheets offer bitesize overviews, guidance and top tips when it comes to applying for, researching or securing an apprenticeship. Take a look at the Rapid-Read Collection.

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Parents: The Parent Perspective Podcast
If you listen to Episode 3 of the Parent Perspective Podcast, you can hear more about the costs involved in an apprenticeship, T Level or traineeship, what funding is available, and what you might be paid while you train.

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