ESERO UK: Space – Primary Paxi Animations!
January 31st 2023

ESERO UK: Space – Primary Paxi Animations!

Calling all primary teachers!
If you haven’t explored space with Paxi the Alien, take a look at ESERO UK’s animations and whisk your class away on some magnificent missions!

Paxi, the alien explorer and European Space Agency mascot, explores the Solar System, studies comets and investigates the possibility of life on Mars.

These animations are a great introduction to learning about space and ESA missions in a way that is accessible to children.

Episodes include:

• Who is Paxi?
• Rosetta & Comets
• Do Martians Exist?
• The Red Planet
• Day, Night & The Seasons
• Paxi & Our Moon
• The Greenhouse Effect
• The Solar System
• The Water Cycle
• Paxi Explores Exoplanets
• Paxi Explores The Moon 

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