Celebrate Sustainability, Research, & Innovation with STEM Ambassadors!
June 13th 2023

Celebrate Sustainability, Research, & Innovation with STEM Ambassadors!

We’re excited to launch our Secondary Sustainability Resource Collection for 2023!

Featuring STEM Ambassador profiles and links to activities from organisations like STEM Learning, the IET and CREST Awards our resource padlet makes a great one stop shop to celebrate Sustainability in your school. It’s amazing how many sectors and jobs need to consider sustainability in what they do.

You can also explore our Company Case file from our friends at Farm Urban, showcasing careers in sustainable, innovative, agricultural research and community engagement. Farm Urban is a social enterprise based in Liverpool, on a mission to transform cities, towns and organisations into greener, healthier, more inclusive places, and create a model of socially-transformative, community embedded and technologically-advanced urban farms.

Click the link to tell us your school name to gain access to our resources.
Remember, you can bookmark our Padlet to come back to at any time.

All About STEM works on lots of exciting STEM projects. As part of the STEM Learning family, we manage the STEM Ambassador Hub in Merseyside, Cheshire and Warrington, working closely with the regional Science Learning Partnerships in Merseyside and Warrington and Cheshire and Wirral. 

We also manage the STEM Enrichment Partnership for the North West which includes STEM Clubs, ESERO UK (Space) and Nuffield Research Placements.

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