Primary CREST: Superstar Awards!
December 06th 2023

Primary CREST: Superstar Awards!

CREST is a STEM enrichment programme for young people that inspires, enables and rewards open ended project work. CREST has a phenomenal library of FREE resources for all ages along with accredited resources from partnering organisations.

Superstar Awards are recommended for children aged 7-11 years, activities are presented as a collection of hone-hour challenges and relate to broader situations that children are likely to have come across.

As North West Regional CREST Support Organisation, teachers ask us ‘What does each project cover?’ So we thought we would spotlight all the fun Superstar projects and the STEM behind them.

Take a look at our ‘at a glance’ list below…
(There are links to 5-7 year old projects & accredited activities too.)

Superstar Challenges Booklet

A Hole in my Bucket – materials, liquids & testing methods
A Special New Tree – types of tree & their characteristics
A Sticky Problem – different properties of glue
Band Rollers – design, energy, forces & motion
Bowled over – build & test a ten pin bowling game
Bridge Blunder – weights, forces & measures
Brilliant Birds – birds, habitats, designing & making
Bumblebee Mystery – all about pollinators & their habitats
Buy Them Try Them – toothpaste, what it’s made from & how brands differ
Camouflaged Creatures – trees, their differences & the life they support
Cheesy Challenge – how milk is changed to cheese
Colorado Brain Stain – discussing the use of fluoride in drinking water
Crafty Rafts – making a raft that floats
Disappearing Dinosaurs – debating the extinction of dinosaurs
Discus Dilemma – designing and making a discus
Drifting Dandelions – looking at seed dispersion
Fantastic Fingerprints – collecting & examining fingerprints
Fossil Folly – thinking about fossils & dinosaurs
Get Set Jellies – testing different jelly recipes
Goodbye Old Tree – trees & the different materials we get from them
Hoodie Hearing – investigating how sound travels
How Do You Drink Yours? – traditions and preferences around tea
Investigating Ink – identify different inks using chromatography
Journey Stick – make a journey stick, chronological order of journeys
Just My Cup Of Tea – designing an ad for a tea company
Kite Calamity – make a model kite that will fly
Terrific Teeth – thinking about and making toothpaste
Outdoor Gym – looking at outdoor activity and exercise
Over To You – looking at adhesives and using creativity
Playground Games – disabilities, creating accessible and inclusive games
Polymer Problem – polymers and their different properties
Protecting Polymers – polymers and their different properties
Racing Rockets – design and build a high-flying rocket
Recycle Reuse – making paper and thinking about recycling paper
Spinning Solutions – thinking about centrifugal force
Super Spinners – helicopters and how to make a paper spinner
Surprising Stains – chemistry and material colour changes
Testing and Comparing Tea – thinking about diffusion
Tomato Sauce – the thickness of liquids (viscosity)
Tree Trouble – trees as habitats for other living things
Tumbling Toast – thinking about probability
Under Your Feet – mini-beasts and nature from a different perspective
Warm or Cold – discovering warm and cold blooded creatures
Windy Ways – wind patterns and directions
Worm Charming – worms and vibrations
Yummy Yoghurt Makers – make yoghurt, reversible/irreversible reactions

Eurotunnel Journeys Challenge Pack

Be Seen Be Safe – examining reflections and light
Tunnel Tourists – communicate information to a range of audiences

DNA / World Around You Challenge Pack

Ancient Animals – thinking about animals that lived in the past
Contamination Detectives – thinking about how microbes spread
Fascinating Faces – how DNA can be used to investigate the past
Forensic Footprints – forensics and solving crimes
Freckle Finders – how some people look alike and some don’t
Peas in a Pod – plant features influenced by genetics and the environment
Plant Parents – selective breeding and genetic engineering in farming
Sneeze Zone – thinking about airborne infections

A Teacher’s Guide is available to download along with three Superstar booklets packed with project ideas!

You can download the resources & discover more about CREST Superstar Awards here.

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As North West Regional CREST Support OrganisationAll About STEM promote CREST Awards across the region and point schools & clubs to the support they need to run this amazing scheme. CREST Awards encourage students to work like scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to investigate and explore their own project ideas.

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