FREE 6 Week STEM Club Resources
February 19th 2024

FREE 6 Week STEM Club Resources

Our Six Week STEM Club Resources are great for new clubs, established clubs and short-term clubs that want to offer exciting, enriching sessions.

The 6 Week STEM Club Programme can be repeated every half-term with different students which means more time to engage a wider range of young people and less time needed to resource or plan.

The activities are perfect if you have some extra-curricular or lunchtime slots available and they’re great for class sessions too!

Visit our 6 Week STEM Clubs section to find out more and download your resources!

The Schools’ Observatory – 6 Week STEM Club Resources

The Schools’ Observatory use the wonders of space to inspire the next generation of scientists, programmers and engineers and provide free use of the world’s largest robotic telescope, the Liverpool Telescope.

Try their series of Bronze, Silver and Gold Six Week STEM Club Resources for both primary and secondary aged students – you can find an asteroid!

NEW! Royal Air Force – 6 Week STEM Club Resources – Space

The RAF Youth and STEM Team run a national programme of STEM engagement for young people aged 9-14 and they have collaborated with us to bring you a selection of 6 week STEM club activities all about Space.

Learners can build a lunar Base Camp, land an Egg’naut, design rockets and satellites and investigate the heat of the sun with chocolate!

6 Week STEM Club: Chemistry for all

We have Six Week STEM Club projects from Chemistry for all courtesy of Liverpool John Moores University in conjunction with The Royal Society of Chemistry. Fantastic activities and you can tweet or email your findings directly to them.

Try balloon rockets or make your own bath bombs!

Shaping Futures – 6 Week STEM Club Resources

We have partnered with Shaping Futures for many years collaborating on outreach, events and activities.

Shaping Futures is part of the Uni Connect Programme and they have collaborated with us to bring you a STEMsational selection of 6 week STEM club activities. Make rainbow celery, a cloud in a bottle and more!

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