STEM Ambassadors Guide to Supporting STEM Clubs
April 24th 2024

STEM Ambassadors Guide to Supporting STEM Clubs

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The STEM Ambassadors Guide to Supporting STEM Clubs has just been added to the Community Training Hub!

There are two guides, one focused on supporting STEM Clubs and the other offers concise advice on safeguarding in this context. Whether you’re new to STEM Clubs or looking to deepen your understanding, these resources are designed to assist you with your volunteering.

Visit the Training Hub Library to download yours today!

If you’re a STEM Ambassador you can share your insight, activities, ideas and expertise on STEM Ambassadors Community. Come and join the conversation!

All About STEM works on lots of exciting STEM projects. As part of the STEM Learning family, we are Research Placement and Experience Coordinator for the North West and a STEM Ambassadors Partner supporting the National STEM Ambassadors Programme via the STEM Ambassadors Community.

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