Teachers! Register with The Schools’ Observatory
April 11th 2024

Teachers! Register with The Schools’ Observatory

Attention, teachers around the world! Are you ready to take your classroom to the stars?

Our partners The Schools’ Observatory can provide a free, dedicated portal to unlock the wonders of space within your curriculum!

The Schools’ Observatory team are seasoned professionals, deeply passionate about science research and education. Their mission is to empower you to leverage the captivation of space to enhance your teaching experience.

Unlock a Universe of Opportunities:

Did you know that as a registered teacher with The Schools’ Observatory, you gain exclusive access to invaluable resources and tools? Here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • Access All Observation Programs: Explore comprehensive observation programs and investigations using the largest robotic telescope in the world! All are designed to spark curiosity and engage students in the fascinating world of astronomy.
  • Student Account Creation: Create student accounts seamlessly, enabling personalised learning experiences. There’s also a masquerade feature, so you can step into your students’ shoes, gain insights into their user experience and facilitate targeted support.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Stay informed and in control with notifications alerting you when your students’ observations are complete, allowing for timely feedback and assessment.
  • Full Access to Educational Resources: Gain unrestricted access to an extensive library of educational resources, from interactive online content to hands-on in-class activities designed to enrich your teaching repertoire.
  • Monthly Teacher Newsletter: Stay ahead of the curve with The School’s Observatory monthly Teacher Newsletter, delivering curated content, updates, and valuable insights directly to your inbox.
  • CPD Training for Educators: Dive into CPD training, tailored to educators in the UK and Ireland. It is designed to elevate your teaching with interactive, flexible, and accessible courses that you can complete at your own pace.
  • Career Information: Explore exciting career pathways and opportunities in STEM fields, equipping you with the tools to inspire and guide the next generation of scientists and explorers.

Ready to embark on an educational odyssey like no other? Register as a teacher with The Schools’ Observatory today and unlock a universe of possibilities for you and your students. All for free!

“Together, let’s reach for the stars and ignite a passion for lifelong learning.”

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