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Before applying to the Nuffield Research and Experience Placement Programme in the North West region, it’s essential that students: 

  • Understand that the programme is open to Y12 students, from state-funded school and colleges, who meet the eligibility criteria 
  • Check their eligibility using the Online Eligibility Tool 
  • Are aware the programme does not, generally, provide ward-based medical experience
  • Are available for at least 2 consecutive weeks during the school summer holiday between Y12 and Y13 
  • Are aware that regional application deadline date in the North West is 29th February 2024, which may differ from other regions. 

Students can apply here but, before they do that, we strongly recommend taking the time to view the available supporting videos referenced below. 

Supporting Student Applications 

It’s just not possible for our All About STEM team to visit every FE college or Sixth Form in the North West region to encourage eligible Y12 students to apply for the Nuffield Programme but we want all students, from all institutions, to be able to access information and guidance about what the programme entails and how to apply.  

We’ve therefore made available a recording of our Nuffield Introductory Presentation and our Student Application Presentation.

We would encourage teachers to show the presentations in class, or to share the URLs with students or on your school VLE.

Nuffield Introductory Presentation

The Nuffield Introductory Presentation gives an overview of the Nuffield Research and Experience Placement Programme exploring questions such as: 

  • What is the difference between a Nuffield Research Placement and a Nuffield Experience Placement? 
  • Am I eligible to apply? 
  • What are the benefits of taking part? 
  • What might I do as a project and whom might I be working with? 
  • What is the programme schedule? 
  • How do I apply? 
  • What additional benefits could I gain? 

The presentation is perfect for introducing students (and staff!) to the programme. As well as sharing the video directly with students, you may wish to use it in a relevant A level subject lesson (Sciences, Maths, Engineering, Technology, Computing, Geography, Economics, Social Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics and Data Science etc) or within an assembly, enrichment or Careers Education context. It lasts around 25 minutes. 

There is a Nuffield Introductory Presentation Worksheet  available here. This asks questions about the content of the presentation and can be downloaded and given to students to help them extract important information as they are watching. 

Click to Access the Nuffield Introductory Presentation 

Student Application Presentation  

Students wishing to apply to be part of the programme should also view our Student Application Presentation. This will take them through each stage of the online application process and ensure they complete their application well. 

The deadline date for applications is 29th February 2024 but applications can be completed well in advance of this date. This will assist our team in sourcing teacher references, as well as trying to recruit projects matching students’ geographical location and areas of interest. 

Click to Access the Student Application Presentation 

If, following viewing of the presentation, teachers or students need any further support, they can pick up with our team at [email protected]


The following documents (also provided in the Downloads section below) provide useful programme information and support:

Nuffield Information Flyer – Provides a programme summary

Programme Guide for Students - Provides a programme overview.

Personal Statement Framework (automatic download) – We make good use of the Personal Statements to help us match students to projects, so it is important to provide relevant information about interests. The Framework is provided for support – its use is not compulsory.

Parent/Carer Consent Form  – This is downloadable as part of the online application process but is included here for information and convenience 

Student Applicant Induction/Information Sessions – This lists the different sessions students/teachers can book to attend to find out more about the programme and how to complete a good application.

Introductory Presentation Worksheet – Can be used to support viewing of the Nuffield Introductory Presentation.

Student Applicant Induction Sessions 

Students (or teachers) wishing to know more about the Nuffield Research and Experience Placement Programme (North West) are invited to attend one of our Student Applicant Induction Sessions. These sessions provide a chance to ask any questions and to find out more about how the programme works, what is required and the benefits of being involved. 

Click a session below to register to attend. 


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