The Big Bang Road Trip (Part 1)
March 26th 2014

The Big Bang Road Trip (Part 1)

The MerseySTEM team head off to sunny Birmingham for THE biggest Science Technology Engineering Fair ever in the world*. We are an excitable bunch at the best of times but as we have been newly awarded the Big Bang regional contract we set off in high spirits with an origami Liver bird attached to the front of Ali’s car (enough of that later).

We were off to see exactly how a Big Bang Fair should be done!

We got there to set up, an honestly it does take a moment to appreciate how immense the space is but how eerie it is with no young people! We set up our brand new stand (thanks Kev) and laid out our activities (origami birds and fish) then went for a wander to see who was about (ok ok we did go for a cheeky pint to celebrate too).








*Not strictly true

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