Chemistry at Work went off with a BANG!
May 14th 2014

Chemistry at Work went off with a BANG!

Not literally!

Our Chemistry at Work days have been a rip-roaring success and I think we enjoyed them as much as the kids, well if Tim’s face is anything to go by.

Tim Chemistry at Work day MerseySTEM

Take a look at our schools getting ‘hands on’ at our event workshops in conjunction with Science2U and Techniquest Glyndwyr.

Chemistry at Work Day


The day was hosted at the famous Daresbury Laboratory and was funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry. If you’ve ever heard the words ‘how will I use this in the real world Miss?’ – This shows them how… and it’s fun!

Chemistry at Work Day
Fancy having a go yourself?
We have more Chemistry at Work days coming up!

Click here to book and check out our future events… and don’t forget we have The Big Bang North West on the way too – more booms, bangs and fizzes than you can shake a Viking battle-axe at. Roll on the 8th of July, I’m first on the longboat!

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