STEM Ambassadors have a strong impact!
June 25th 2014

STEM Ambassadors have a strong impact!

A report carried out by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) examining the impact of STEMNET’s programmes has found that EVERY school consulted felt that STEMNET’s involvement had been of great benefit.

The reports key findings were:

§  Pupils are 90% more likely to be interested in continuing to study STEM subjects after engaging with STEM Ambassadors

§  After engaging with a STEM Ambassador, 76% of pupils think that Science is important for everyday life. 78% for Mathematics

§  While 55% of pupils say they enjoy science, this rises to 80% for those who are in a STEM Club

§  37% of pupils say they want a job in STEM. This rises to 61% of pupils who are in a STEM Club

§  9 out of 10 teachers reported that STEM Ambassadors and STEM Clubs have resulted in increased awareness of STEM subjects and their real world application

§  Over half of teachers reported that STEM Clubs have led to an increase in pupils’ attainment in STEM subjects

§  The number of pupils interested in studying Engineering in the future increases by more than 100% for those that have engaged with STEM Ambassadors

Just what we like to hear, fantastic news! Huge pat on the back for the children, staff, STEMNET, our team and all of our STEM Ambassadors.

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