What do STEM Ambassadors do? Find out more…
April 11th 2016

What do STEM Ambassadors do? Find out more…

If you’re thinking of becoming a STEM Ambassador but are unsure of what is involved, take a look at these inspirational STEMNET videos! Our STEM Ambassadors make a huge difference in STEM Clubs and schools across the region – amazing role models for the next generation of STEM experts.


Bill – exploring renewable energy with a lunchtime STEM Club, using a kit produced by his STEMNET contract holder

Emma – delivering an activity developed by her professional institution, the Acoustics Society

Jamie an apprentice finding new ways to explore materials away from the machines he would have available at his lab

Louise – introducing an after-school STEM Club to programming using robots based on the Mars Rover

Marcia – introducing students to chemistry using activities suggested by her professional institution, the Royal Society of Chemistry

Mike – using an internet video-conferencing service to present an introduction to engineering

Tina – an architect committing her first ever STEM Ambassador activity to film!

How we do it – the STEM Ambassadors tell us how they got started and where they want to go, as well as sharing some of their tips on preparation and delivery

We have new induction dates coming up! Click here to get involved…



Booking is now OPEN! You can choose to attend the morning or afternoon session. National Science + Engineering Competition entrants will need to book a morning slot as you will need to attend the whole day.

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