Lab in a Lorry – School Schedule & Volunteer Opportunities
February 01st 2018

Lab in a Lorry – School Schedule & Volunteer Opportunities

The Lab in a Lorry Tour is in full swing! If you’re interested in visiting the lab or would like to volunteer, read on…

Lab in a Lorry is a mobile lab that gives young people the chance to explore science through fun, hands-on experiments. The programme is guided by volunteers who want to share their passion for science and their curiosity about the world we live in.

“We’ve now finalised our tour schedule for the second half of spring term, which will bring our mammoth 2015-18 tour of Wales to a close. We will be doing one last lap of the country to hopefully give as many people as possible the chance to come along. If you wish to volunteer, let us know. We recruit volunteers from any STEM subject background aged 18+ who are interested in science communication.”

Click here for the Lab in a Lorry tour schedule
Click here to find out more about Lab in a Lorry or to volunteer

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