Home & School Learning: STEM/STEAM Resources Collection 3
March 24th 2020

Home & School Learning: STEM/STEAM Resources Collection 3

There’s no need to ride the search engines, hop off at All About STEM’s Inspiration Station!

During this time, we know that teachers and parents are surfing the web looking for fun, interesting activities for their children. Supporting this mission is our priority so every weekday we will be sourcing and sharing home & school resources, competitions, virtual tours, videos, ideas, awards and more!

We’ll also be listing activities to promote positivity, mindfulness and exercise.

Science – Technology – Engineering – Art – Maths – Body – Mind – Enjoy!

  • An emergency phone charger, potato clocks, LED light-ups & more.
    Super science & magical moments! (Adult supervision required.)
  • Them bones! Play this online game & identify human & animal bones.
  • Design a robot! What would your robot be made of?
    What would it do and how could it help you or others?
  • YES! Tynker are offering FREE access during school closures.
    Get coding kids!
  • Design a maze! This could be with LEGO, on computer, on Minecraft, on paper or how about a 3D maze using craft supplies! You could even add traps, like this…
  • It’s a snap!
    Can you master this technique and make a lolly-stick reaction? POP!

Today’s focus – Get Messy!
(Great fun but adult supervision required, outdoor space & protect everything LOL!)

  • Floral painting using string pull (fluid art)
  • Toilet rolls!
    Create amazing dandelions with loo-tubes and cotton buds!
  • Carol Vorderman is offering access to her Maths School for ages 4-11 for FREE!
  • Maths Scavenger Hunt…
    Find things in your home that are 6cm, 1 foot, 20cm, 8 inches, 42cm and 1m long – GO!
  • Check out the latest games from – interactive, fun maths!
  • Algebra Smash! There’s plenty of maths games online for older children too, here’s two to start you off.
  • Start a ‘Smile Jar’. Write a little note when you’re feeling particularly happy and why. Fold it up and drop it in your jar. Open it up at the end of the year and remember all your happy times & memories.
  • Invent a recipe!
    Create your own delicious snack or meal that is ‘all your own work’. You could even name it after yourself. (Adult supervision required)
  • A chore with a purpose
    Having a regular chore can really provide a sense of accomplishment & growth. Think about a chore you could do at home, talk to your parents and ask if you can complete it each week.
  • Relaxation time… Make a nest or camp.
    Pillows, duvets, cuddly toys, blankets… bring them all together to make the comfiest place in the house. Invite everyone in your house and chill with chat, games and books.
  • Make exercise cards!
    Make your own set of exercise cards with different activities (and amount of reps). Pick four cards and workout with them each day.
  • Floss like a boss, get reanimated & boogie down.
    Try the Fortnight Dance Workout!

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We know this is a very difficult period. We will try our best to showcase enriching educational activities and help you find what you need in the shortest time.

Keep it fun, keep smiling, keep safe
– Team All About STEM

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