All About STEM: Unilever Bright Future ASPIRE Winners!
August 01st 2022

All About STEM: Unilever Bright Future ASPIRE Winners!

We are overjoyed to announce the results of this year’s Unilever Bright Future ASPIRE programme!

Earlier in 2022, All About STEM invited schools to take part in the Unilever Bright Future Programme hosted by Unilever Port Sunlight. Schools from across the region took part in activities that introduced them to processing, packaging, the environment and more. Following this, students had the opportunity to design their own environmentally friendly/sustainable product over a three month period and then present their ideas to Unilever experts!

Thank you to all of the schools and teams that participated in this year’s programme, you should all be incredibly proud. We have received fantastic feedback from Unilever and as the quality was so high, the judges were hard pressed to choose their top 3.

(Drum roll) The Aspire Unilever Bright Future 2022 winner is…


Congratulations to Weatherhead High on a phenomenal planet-friendly project and a huge well done to Neston High School (2nd – Hygeia) and Weatherhead High (3rd – Flourish).

Take a look at the ingenious innovations from our teams…

1st Place: Weatherhead High School – Team ‘Lovly’ 
Water-free, powdered dry shampoo product

Team Unilever said: “We particularly liked how you thought about an inclusive product format and packaging with sustainability in mind. You created a great advertisement and product designs!”

2nd Place:  Neston High School – Team ‘Hygeia’ 
Anti-bacterial shampoo

Team Unilever said: “We liked how you thought about using in-store refills or incentives to return packaging and thought your communication style was very clear and easy to follow. Your brand and logo had a good story.”

3rd Place: Weatherhead High School – Team ‘Flourish’ 
All-inclusive shampoo product

Team Unilever said: “You demonstrated how you had really thought about testing your main claim, and we really liked your 3D models of the packaging! You also considered the supply chain issue in great detail and thought of other risks and solutions.”

Congratulations to all! We can’t wait to share your team and prizegiving photographs after you have enjoyed your summer holidays – fantastic work!

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