Resources: Artemis Mission to the Moon!
August 22nd 2022

Resources: Artemis Mission to the Moon!

The next Moon landing feels like it’s one small step away!

NASA launched Artemis I in 2022, the first flight test of the integrated Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. Artemis I flew 40,000 miles beyond the Moon and back, demonstrating our capability to send humans to lunar orbit on the second flight test, Artemis II.  

“These flight tests will pave the way for a new generation of highly talented and diverse corps of astronauts — including the first woman and the first person of colour to step foot on the lunar surface during future Artemis missions.” – NASA Artemis

We know that our schools will want to celebrate this momentous mission from 2022 to 2024, so we’ve brought together all of our recommended resources to help. Our NEW All About STEM Inspiration Station is packed with activities from real experts so students can have fun, level-up their lunar learning and even be a part of the Artemis launch!

Take a look below, there are so many ideas to choose from.

(Full Moon, half Moon… biting a Jaffa Cake in stages is not on the list but do we recommend it.)

Official NASA Resource – Earth & Moon STEM Toolkit

“Earth has just one moon – a rocky, cratered place, roughly a quarter of the size of Earth and an average of 238,855 miles away. Engage students and explore Earth’s Moon with curated lesson plans, videos and education activities to inspire the next generation of explorers!”

Lessons Plans & ActivitiesWhip-Up a Moon-Like Crater
Make Cookie Moon PhasesExploring the Moon
Moon Phase ActivityColour Your Universe
Can you see the flag on the Moon?Make a Moon Rover Game
Measuring the SupermoonMoon ABC Factsheet
Make Moon 2D & 3D ModelsBuild Your Own Cut-Out Moon
Moon PostersMake a Moon Phase Calendar

NASA Moon Observation Journal (Printable Sheet)
NASA Moon Site

Moon Camp

Moon Camp is an education project that uses innovative learning technologies to challenge students to design their own Moon settlement with a 3D modelling tool (Tinkercad or Fusion 360). It features preparatory classroom activities that focus on learning by-design and science experimentation.

Moon Camp Primary & Secondary Resources

Official registrations for Moon Camp open on the 14th of September 2022.

All About STEM: Space – Royal Air Force Youth & STEM Resource Packs

Our 6 Week STEM Club Resources are not just for STEM Clubs, many of the activities are great for class or can be adapted for home learning.

The RAF Youth and STEM Team run a national programme of STEM engagement for young people aged 9-14 and they have collaborated with us to bring you a selection of projects all about Space. Learners can build a lunar Base Camp, land an Egg’naut, design rockets and satellites and investigate the heat of the sun with chocolate!

Download all of our STEM resource packs here

ESERO: Mission to the Moon

This collection of practical activities, investigations and games is all based on current lunar research. It supports many aspects of working scientifically and links to areas of the curriculum including earth and space, light and shadows, forces, materials, changes of state and rocks and soils.

Activities are provided for children of different ages and can be used individually using a mission to the moon as a context for science learning, or as part of a STEM club or science week.

Click here for Mission to the Moon & more ESERO UK resources
Mission X: Train like an astronaut
ESERO: Run Your Own Space Week
More STEM Learning ‘Moon Day’ Resources

CREST Awards (Associated)

By working through either of these challenges, young people can also complete a CREST Award!

The Astro Science Challenge

An interactive, space science adventure for children aged 7-11 to inspire them in STEM subjects. Designed and delivered by the award-winning Unlimited Space Agency in collaboration with some of the UK’s most brilliant space science organisations. As Cadets, children will complete a series of Missions through the Astro Science Challenge app to become fully fledged Agents of UNSA.

The Great British Space Dinner

Primary & Secondary students can learn about health and food in Space as they creatively design their own menu for the International Space Station and so much more!

Introduction – Primary Lesson Plans – Secondary Lesson Plans – Activities

More CREST Space Resources:
Racing Rockets (Primary) 
Astro pi
Bronze Award – How do rockets work?
STEM Learning (CREST Award activity) – Biomimicry (International Space Station Coding)

Additional Resources:

Footprints on the Moon – What’s more like it, sand or flour?
Primary Space – Paxi Animations
Careers in Space workshop
STEMFirst: EYFS – KS3 Teachers STEM in Space CPD

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