Nuffield Research Placements Feedback – Apply Today!
November 30th 2023

Nuffield Research Placements Feedback – Apply Today!

Year 12 Nuffield Research Placements and Experiences are open for applications!
Don’t miss out, take a look at our collection of student feedback and apply via the links below.

Nuffield Research Placements & Experiences are a fantastic opportunity for students to apply knowledge and skills learned at school and work alongside industry professionals.

Nuffield Research Placements (NRPs) are 2-week collaborations with a STEM-related knowledge expert on a live research question or area of development.

Nuffield Experience Placements (NEPs) are 5-day explorations with industry experts to identify essential skills needed for employment in STEM sectors.

They’re just too good to miss! Just look at what our amazing students had to say after their placements.

“On my Nuffield Research Placement, I learnt a lot about work-life and how it’s very different from school, I really liked being more independent. The work was very interesting to me and I learnt lots of new things. My supervisors were really nice and I felt like I could email them whenever I needed them.”

“I got to undertake a real-life research project and learn so many skills and new information. This will be very useful when I attend university! I can also apply for the Gold CREST award for free.”

“This opportunity granted me the chance to communicate and work with others which I never really had the chance to in school. The placement taught me a lot in the subject area and I developed skills in teamwork, communicating, presenting and organising my work.”

“My research coordinator was incredibly supportive and I gained a deep insight into quantum mechanics. I thoroughly enjoyed the pre-placement module about using coding in Excel, it was incredibly fun!”

Apply: Nuffield Research and Experience Placements in the North West 

Although a national programme, Nuffield Research and Experience Placements are managed by a network of regional coordinators. This means there can be slight differences, for example with application submission dates, in how the programme runs in each area.

For information specific to our North West region, please click below: 

Information for students wishing to apply to, or teachers planning to promote, the programme in the North West.

*The North West application submission deadline date is 29th February 2024*

Nuffield Research Placements are funded by the Nuffield Foundation and delivered by STEM Learning.

All About STEM works on lots of exciting STEM projects. As part of the STEM Learning family, we are Nuffield Research Placements Coordinator for the North West and a STEM Ambassadors Partner supporting the National STEM Ambassadors Programme via the STEM Ambassadors Community.

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