As Creatives: Secondary Big Maths Days!
January 05th 2017

As Creatives: Secondary Big Maths Days!

As Creatives know that it’s important for secondary schools to offer activities to whole year groups – and they understand the logistical difficulties that this can bring. They’ve designed their BIG Maths Days to allow up to 240 Key Stage 3 & 4 students to carousel around a number of very different creative Maths workshops in the course of one day.

  • Use maths in context
  • Consider how mathematical advances have shaped our world
  • Practise a range of number-based skills and operations
  • Develop their understanding of shape
  • Consider notions of “value” and realise that “value” can change
  • Engage in strategic problem-solving activities

Activities include:

CSI: Michaela Maths 
Combining football, murder mysteries and problem solving.

CSI: Bake Off
Who poisoned Saul Pinewood? Use your maths skills to uncover the truth!

Trading Games
Team building, quick fire questions and working with value.

The Expedition
Plan a rainforest trip on a tight budget.

Number Patterns: The Bunker
Code breaking! Can you crack it?

Big Maths Days can be tailored to suit your school and all activities are differentiated for age.

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