Bring your badge to work: A new STEM Ambassadors community initiative!
February 16th 2017

Bring your badge to work: A new STEM Ambassadors community initiative!

STEM Learning have launched their first STEM Ambassador network community initiative on social media. The “bring your badge to work” campaign celebrates and inspires volunteers, highlighting their activity and their brand new ambassador badges!

“Starting from today and over the next few months, we are looking for STEM Ambassadors across the UK to get involved, sharing their participation online. The hashtag will be #bringyourbadgetowork so if you want to take part, you can participate by posting photos whilst wearing your badge at work and tweeting @STEMAmbassadors and your local Hub.”

If you’re an ambassador in our Merseyside or Cheshire Hub you can tag #bringyourbadgetowork @STEMAmbassadors @AllAboutSTEM

Here’s some of Team All About STEM with their badges!

“If you are signed up to the programme, and would like to raise awareness of a STEM-based industry or the work you do, please get in touch and let us know!

If you are yet to receive your badge, you can still participate by sharing your enthusiasm for the STEM industry you work in- we want to hear from the volunteers who shape our network and emphasise the amazing work you do.”

Click here to visit STEM Learning’s website and find out more…

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