A Teacher’s View: Filming Science Demonstrations with Professor Brian Cox
March 28th 2017

A Teacher’s View: Filming Science Demonstrations with Professor Brian Cox

STEM Learning talked to teacher Sophie Donovan, about filming science demonstrations in class with Professor Brian Cox for The Royal Society. An amazing experience for both teacher and students!

“The children were feeling more excited than nervous. Having seen Professor Cox on television and in magazines, they started asking questions about the day and why they would be using our class.”

“As filming commenced, the investigation began. We filmed lots of scenarios of what could have happened in the investigation, and questioned the children, who had some fantastic ideas and showed their scientific reasoning. After a morning of filming, Brian made his entrance in the afternoon. He introduced the investigation and the children had several questions about why he was here. We then carried out the investigation one more time with Professor Cox leading the activities. He was absolutely fantastic with the children, and made the investigation fun as well as beneficial…”

[Sophie Donovan, Teacher and Science Co-ordinator, Britannia Village Primary School, London.]

Click here to read the full interview on the STEM Learning website…
Watch the demonstrations – Royal Society: Professor Brian Cox – Primary Science

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