World Book Day: STEM-sational books here!
March 02nd 2017

World Book Day: STEM-sational books here!

It’s World Book Day! There’s no better time to share some super STEM books! Fill your children’s bookshelves with fun science, technology, engineering and maths!

STEM Activity Book Collection – The Book People – £5.99
STEM has become a very important concept for children to study and learn from while they’re at school. This collection of four books covers each subject and is packed with activities to help children learn in a fun and interactive fashion.

From how pumps and hinges work to the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy, these books are packed with clear and easy-to-understand facts. There are also practical, hands-on activities to help children learn about the likes of coding and motors.

Suitable for children aged 7 and over, these books are sure to inspire them to learn and discover more about the world around them and even perhaps inspire them to come up with their own inventions.

Coding for Beginners – Amazon Listing
If you’re starting to code, take a look at this list of handy beginner guides.

101 Great Science Experiments – DK – £7.99
101 Great Science Experiments is bursting with fun experiments for you to try out at home revealing the secrets of science through practical and exciting projects. Find out how to use everyday objects to discover the principles of science. With 101 science experiments for kids inside covering topics such as colour, magnets, senses, electricity and much more!

Can you feel the force? – DK – Richard Hammond – £8.99
A totally cool look at physics with Brainiac’s Richard Hammond!

This title helps you join a thrilling high-energy journey through time, space and beyond and find out about the physical forces that make our world what it is. Here, find out how science affects everything, from roller-coasters to fighter pilots. The book is crammed with fascinating physics facts and interactive experiments. It has a totally cool look at physics!

Mathmagicians! – Amazon – Johnny Ball – £8.99
Join Johnny Ball as he shows your child that maths isn’t just numbers and sums, it’s a fundamental, incredible, magical way to find out how everything works.

From Pi, the amazing number that’s vital for so much of everyday life, to perfect proportions – did you know Leonardo da Vinci worked out a person’s ear is one-third the length of their face? – discover how numbers, from ancient times to the modern day, have enabled us to explore, build and discover just about everything.

With puzzles to solve, conundrums to crack and incredible tricks to show to friends, Johnny Ball will teach your child to become a mathmagician!

Find more books here… and here!

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