Digital Careers Enterprise Competition: BIMA Digital Day!
September 13th 2017

Digital Careers Enterprise Competition: BIMA Digital Day!

Introduce students to digital careers through this exciting enterprise competition!

The only digital initiative of its kind, Digital Day is aimed at high school age pupils and sees digital professionals head to schools for a day to inspire students and give them insight into a world of digital careers.

Date: Tuesday 14th November 2017

As part of the day, students complete one of three sponsored challenges with the chance to be crowned Digital Day champions – winning £500 cash for their school plus a host of cool prizes. What’s more, it’s completely free to take part!

Why Digital Day?
• It creates a valuable employer encounter for students that can help prevent pupils from becoming NEET
• It provides information on careers in the digital sector and how digital jobs are available in almost every sector
• It contributes to iDEA points and badges
• It’s a fun way to learn and is inclusive of all students despite abilities
• It has very little overhead for schools

How does it work?

You sign up here and then BIMA pair you with a local agency for the day. BIMA will also provide you with all the assets and materials you need to run the day, all you need to is get in touch with your partner agency to say hello and go through any housekeeping! On the day, your agency will turn up to help facilitate the day (including a presentation in the morning and helping students to tackle the sponsored challenges).

What if we are not paired with an agency?

There are undoubtedly more schools than agencies in some regions but you can still run the day and enter the competition. You will be provided with all the information you need including a presentation to set the day off.

Do we need computers?

The bottom line is no. One computer or tablet is useful to be able to research online or look for information however it can all be done on paper. The challenges are generally looking for ideas and thoughts although having access to computers would be a bonus. You will need a room with a screen to show the presentations and videos.

Will it be a full school day?

Yes! Schools are asked to keep the whole day free on the 14th of November for Digital Day. There is a presentation in the morning that will last an hour and the challenges should take up the rest of the day.

What assets do I receive?

Schools will receive their challenge sheets in the post in the lead up to Digital Day so keep an eye on your post box. Everything else that you need will be sent to you by email so keep an eye on your inbox.

How many students need to be involved?

This one is completely up to you. Typically class sizes are of 30-40 students but there have been instances where classes could be smaller (anything from 15) to much bigger (100+). If you are planning to have more than 50 students, please advise of this so resources can be allocated.

What do the challenges look like?

Last year’s challenges included: Think of a fun game for young people to save money; Using a laptop, phone and drone solve one of the world’s biggest problem; Develop a new piece of technology or campaign to reduce obesity in young people.

What is iDEA?

The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award is an innovative Badge Store concept that helps people develop skills for free and is the digital equivalent of The Duke of Edinburgh Award. The teachers’ information pack can be found here.

Click for further information or please contact the Digital Day team at [email protected]


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