A Big Bang @ St. Thomas CE School with Farm Urban
March 07th 2018

A Big Bang @ St. Thomas CE School with Farm Urban

On the 26th of February, The Big Bang North West facilitated another fantastic Big Bang @ School event with Farm Urban, hosted by St. Thomas CE School.

St. Thomas are dedicated to promoting STEM. They organised an exciting day for their pupils starting with a sensational science show!

In the afternoon Dr Paul Myers delivered an adapted TEDx talk for schools on the food system and health.

Who wants to be a scientist?!

Paul gave students an insight into his journey to becoming a scientist, talking about the interests, inspirations and challenges that took him from Liverpool high school student to founder of an award-winning social enterprise.

There was also chance to build Farm Urban’s Produce Pods. The children couldn’t wait to get going!

“The produce pod is an open source aquaponics system that allows you to grow fresh, healthy food all year round. Aquaponics is a mini-ecosystem inspired by nature: your fish fertilise your plants and your plants purify the water for your fish!”

“Fish waste can be called ammonia but you will know it as… fish poo!” Class erupts!

On completing their pods, each group gave their own presentation on aquaponics.

Congratulations to St. Thomas CE School. It’s not every day children can head home after making their own eco-system!

Relive the event in pictures…

The Big Bang @ School

The Big Bang @ School supports schools to deliver an event to excite pupils about STEM subjects and inspire them to consider science or engineering careers.

A Big Bang @ School Fair can be big or small, you can invite local businesses to take part, involve STEM ambassadors, bring in activity providers or do it all by yourself. The important thing is that pupils have fun finding out where their STEM studies can lead them.

The Big Bang @ School is part of the wider Big Bang programme, led by EngineeringUK in partnership with over 200 organisations.

You can find out more here or if you live in the North West email [email protected], we’re here to help!

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